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Model: Kienyeji
The whole chicken brings the feet, liver, and gizzard neatly tucked inside. Whole chicken can be used in a wide variety of recipes. It is very flexible with regards to what you make of it as you can decide how you will prepare it. Every part of a chicken has it's proper uses and the giblets that are..
KSh 1,061
When you need to get a whole chicken, but you do not have a use for the giblets then our whole chicken without giblets is the product for you. It does not bring the neck and other giblets and therefore is a very popular seller in restaurants and to make barbeque..
KSh 1,000
Model: Chicken 1KG
It’s in the name. This is a special chicken cut into 9 pieces; back, two breasts, two wings, two drumsticks and two thighs. It’s great for baked chicken or stewed chicken. Comes film wrapped in a tray. Just cook and eat...
KSh 1,248
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