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Brand: Evejoy Groceries Model: Bundle
Broccoli 1Kg Lettuce 1Kg Carrot 1Kg Red Onions 1Kg Tomatoes 1Kg Potatoes 2Kg Lemons (local) 1Kg Spinach 1 Bunch Grapes 1 Pack 1 Pineapple 5 Mangoes Bananas 1Kg 4 Apples Coloured Capsicum 1Kg Passion Fruit 1Kg Melon - medium s..
KSh 2,400
Brand: Evejoy Groceries Model: Bundle
Tomatoes 2Kg Red Onions 1Kg Potatoes 2Kg Broccoli 1Pc Cauliflower 1PcLettuce 1Pc 3 Apples 2 Avocadoes 5 Local Oranges 1 Pineapple Spinach 3 bunches Coloured Capsicum 1Kg Coriander (Dhania) 3 Bunches  ..
KSh 1,600
Brand: Evejoy Groceries Model: Bundle
Tomatoes 2Kg Red Onions 1Kg Carrots 1Kg Broccoli 1 Piece Cauliflower 1 Piece Lettuce 1 Piece Garlic 200gm Eggplant 1Kg Cucumber Spinach 1 Bunch Coloured Capsicum Courgettes 1Kg Okra/ Lady Finger 1Kg Red Cabbage 1 Piece French Bean..
KSh 1,900
Model: Pineapple
Quality pineapple from the best Kenyan farms. ..
KSh 97
Brand: Evejoy Groceries Model: Kienyeji
Mangoes 5Pcs Avocado 3Pcs Bananas 1Kg 1 Pineapple Soft Maize ( for Githeri) 4Pcs Green Capsicum 1Kg Carrots 1Kg Red Onions 1Kg Tomatoes 2Kg Potatoes 2Kg Oranges 6Pcs Kunde 1 Bunch Managu 1 Bunch Spinach 1 Bunch Sukuma Wiki (Kales)..
KSh 2,000
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