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Model: Aichun Beauty Tea Tree Oil Multi Function Serum - 30ml
Anti-aging Anti-Wrinkle Clean pores Moisturizing Volume: 30ml Removal Scars Anti-Acne Serum..
KSh 350
Model: DR RASHEL Aloe Vera Moisture Cream 3 In 1 Moisturizer
Made with Aloe extract, this 3-in-1 face moisturizer cream is a day moisturizer that refreshes, a night moisturizer that hydrates, and a face mask that nourishes.It's a fast-absorbing, non-greasy cream which instantly hydrates leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer day after day.Skin appears d..
KSh 450
Model: Asantee Tamarind And Goat Milk Soap
Delays ageing due to its high content of alpha-hydroxy acidsBrightens skin and clear blemishes without harshnessDeeply hydrates skin, leaving it supple and smoothClears acne by its anti-bacterial properties..
KSh 350
Model: Brand Fruit of wokali Vitamin E Serum
This multi essence serum is formulated for anti aging , moisturizing , whitening , tender and smooth skin , eliminate , acne & repair fine lines                        HIGHLIGHTSVitamin E which is part of the serumstrengthens the protec..
KSh 650
Model: COCO Clear Body Lotion 200ml Description
coco clear is clarifuing beauty lotion made with natural organic plant and coconut oil. it works with the skin narmoniously resulting in progressive clearness. coco leat protects, rejuvenates and purifies your skin. results occur after first usage giving a soft luminous satin form of clearness.TYPE ..
KSh 850
Model: Snail Repairing Cream
Authentic Snail Cream - Anti Aging moisturizer, helps anti-wrinkle, face restoration, moisturizing face cream Helps to reduce bags and dark circles from under your eyes. Our Snail extract cream contains snail extract with natural plant extracts that helps tighten the skin, improve irregular skin ton..
KSh 350
Model: B.B Clear AHA VITAMIN C UNIFYING Lotion 300ml
It improves the appearance of the skin and help repair dark spots and sun damage for younger-looking, silky skin. It lightens your skin while revitalizes and makes it smooth and beautiful radiance. Adaptive to all skin types. An intensive concentrated skin care intended for black, colored & asia..
KSh 1,050
Model: Hanan Antibacterial Wet Wipes 4 Pcs + 2pcs Flushable Wipes - Ge
Have you ever tried changing a diaper blowout with inferior baby wipes? It's not pretty. Good baby wipes make all the difference when the you-know-what hits the fan. You can now buy antibacterial hand wipes and feel confident that your hands are immediately sanitized in one easy step. Even becomes b..
KSh 1,170
Model: Dodo Skin Gold
Remove blackheads and spots!Lighten your skin.Remove Blackheads and SpotsContain Vitamin E that treats pigmented skin and rashesPrevent reappearance of dark rashes and spots.Used mostly in difficult zones like knuckles elbow feetAdapted to all skin types.Makes your skin smooth.Bright results from th..
KSh 425
Model: THE ORDINARY Multi-Peptide Serum
THE ORDINARY Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density ( 60ml ) Make hair look thicker, denser, fuller and healthier.This concentrated formula is designed to support hair health so that it looks thicker, denser, fuller and healthier. VOLUME60MLHIGHLIGHTSPrevent hair breakageMakes hair Shinny, smooth &..
KSh 899
Model: Caro light Oil 50ml
Caro Light Lightening Oil has Hydroquinone 2% which is safe to use. It is a lightweight oil with a great fragrance. It will quickly and effectively lighten, brighten and bleach your skin to the complexion you desire to achieve. You can also use this oil to get rid of hyperpigmentation caused by acne..
KSh 299
Model: Gluta-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap - Papaya+ Carrot
The unique and powerful blend of vitamin C and glutathione now enriched with papaya exfoliants is proven to be effective for:Intensely lightens dark spots, blemishes and evens out the skin tone resulting in a fairer and more radiant white. lifts away dead skin cells and accelerate cell renewal,..
KSh 390
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