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Rice & Grains

Model: Amana Pishori Rice 1KG
Amana Pishori Rice 1Kg..
KSh 236
Model: CIL Pishori Rice 1KG
CIL Pishori Rice is now Jambopay Market at Ksh 223/= ..
KSh 227
Model: Blue Label
Spaghetti made from 100% Durum Wheat Semolina...
KSh 91
Model: CIL Pishori Rice 5KG
CIL  Pishori Rice 5KG is now on Jambopay Market at Ksh 1098.00..
KSh 1,120
Model: Amana Pishori Rice 2KG
Amana Pishori Rice 2KG..
KSh 467
Model: Long Grain
Identified by its long and slender size, long grain rice is non-basmati rice which is carefully grown in natural climatic conditions...
KSh 300
Model: Aromatic
Aromatic rice is the rice with a natural distinctive scent achieved through aging and is used for conventional rice recipes where it adds a touch of flavour and aroma to the meals...
KSh 230
Model: Amana Pishori Rice 5 KG
Amana Pishori Rice 5 KG..
KSh 1,133
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